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Project Runway Recap -- Season 4, Episode 6

By Katie Lee

Updated January 03, 2008

Model Shuffle

All the contenders were allowed to pick new models to work with, although only Rami, Ricky and Christian opted to change their models.

A ‘Tragic’ Wake-Up Call

The contenders were awoken early by Tim Gunn to take a little field trip to learn about their next challenge. Most of the contenders were surprised to find Tim Gunn at the door, with Kit, the 26 year old from Los Angeles, remarking that it was 'really kind of tragic' that Tim saw her in her pajamas, and without a bra.

Deliciously Challenging

The field trip ended up at the Hershey's store in Times Square, where the contenders learned that their challenge this week was to create an outfit from materials they could find in the store. Given no budget but only 5 minutes to grab what they could, the contenders were like crazed, hyper kids in a candy store as they seized as much Hershey's products as they could.

Reclaiming a Life

Elisa, the eccentric 42 year old from El Paso, TX, revealed that her daughter had pushed her to be on Project Runway years ago, but that when she was designing a T-shirt line in London, she was struck by a car and severely injured. When she was able to recover enough and return to the U.S., she decided to finally try out for Project Runway and she sees this opportunity as reclaiming the life she 'could have had' if she had not been hit by that car.

Food's Not Practical

Jillian, the 26 year old from Long Island, decided to use Twizzlers to make her outfit, and many of the other contenders expressed some concern over this, with Chris remarking that using real food products to make clothes was not 'practical.' Jillian was initially excited about her ambitious idea, but as time wore on, she began to have serious doubts, going so far as to say that the other contenders weren't using real food in their outfits because she was the only 'idiot.' However, at that point, she was already too committed to her design to bail on it. She spent the rest of the time trying to mold the licorice into a dress with a fitted bodice, and praying that the pieces wouldn't fall off as her model walked the runway.

It’s All Fun and Games. . .

. . .until you realize how much work you have. The contenders started the challenge excited and joking around, but since they were only given one day to finish their design, as time melted away, the stress levels really ramped up.

Accept No Substitute

Christian finished his design early (a halter dress made from the wrappings of Reese's cups), and spent some time playing 'Tim Gunn' and critiquing the other contenders' designs, much to their consternation, although many of them did humor him. Frankly, no one does the 'make it work' critiques quite like Tim Gunn, so Christian should just stick to designing.

Changing Course

Jillian wasn't the only one struggling with her design. Sweet P realized that her dress wasn't working about midway through the challenge and when Tim Gunn said the bottom of her dress looked like a ‘coffee filter or maxi pad,’ she decided to scrape her original design and start all over, going for, in her words, 'a simpler aesthetic.'

In the Guest Judge's Seat

Renowned designer, Zac Posen, joined the regular judging trifecta of Heidi, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia.

Joyful and Fun

The judges were looking for ‘playful’ and fun designs, given that the challenge had to do with candy. The top three designs were just that. Chris designed a cocktail dress using the Hershey's logo molded into an Andy Warhol-ish design, which the judges found to be 'tasteful’ and ‘sophisticated.’ In Chris's case, this was a good thing as his taste can be a bit outlandish at times and as Michael Kors pointed out, the dress was a good 'editing' choice on his part. Rami's outfit used the clear and red wrappings of Twizzlers pillows to create the halter-like bodice, and the York Peppermint patties wrappers to make the short pleated shirt, which the judges found to be eye-catching and beautifully made. And finally, despite her misgivings while working on it, Jillian's Twizzlers dress was deemed 'deliciously chic' and given bonus points for being the only outfit to actually use edible materials.

Where's the Joy?

Elisa's outfit was panned as a 'sad little brown dress' which Michael Kors thought he could find in any flea market. She also accented her dress with poufy silver 'sleeves' that Michael Kors described as 'shower caps' and we have to agree with that assessment. Victorya's ruffled dress, made from Peppermint patties pillows, was declared 'unwearable.' She explained that she was going for an 'ice princess' look but the judges felt it was more like a Dairy Queen look, and that she did not use the materials well. Zac Posen remarked that going into a Hershey's store and buying a pillow to cut out the fabric was not inspiring to him. Finally, Sweet P made a cocktail dress using materials from Hershey's kisses. The silver foil made up the fitted bodice, and tissue paper made up the bubble-like skirt. The judges didn't find the outfit terribly bad, but it was 'unimaginative’ and ‘boring.’

Three and Counting. . .

Rami was declared the winner of this challenge, bringing his challenge wins to three (he won in Week 1 and Week 4 (as part of Team Jillian)). Could he be the contender to beat?

'Fortifying' Loss

Elisa found herself in the bottom 2 again (with Sweet P), and this time, her luck ran out. She was declared 'out' by Heidi, but she exited with a lot of grace, declaring that this experience was 'fortifying' and that it will help her evolve as a designer and person. For all her quirks and eccentricities, we've enjoyed Elisa's positive energy on this show and will certainly miss it.

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