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Reality TV Hosts

Read the bios of the reality TV hosts.

Jeff Probst: Host of 'Survivor'
Jeff Probst is the Emmy-nominated, well-traveled host of CBS's long-running reality show Survivor.

Heidi Klum: Host of 'Project Runway'
Heidi Klum became a household name as one of the world's most successful supermodels. But these days, Heidi Klum is also known as an Emmy-nominated host/judge on the hit reality show Project Runway.

Ryan Seacrest: Host of 'American Idol'
Emmy nominated host Ryan Seacrest is the popular MC of the Fox singing competition American Idol.

Tom Bergeron: Host of 'Dancing With the Stars'
These days, Tom Bergeron is best known as the witty host of Dancing With the Stars.

Tyra Banks: Host of 'America's Next Top Model'
Tyra Banks is the host and top judge of <i>America's Next Top Model.</i>

New Role for Tim Gunn 'Project Runway' Season 12
Project Runway Season Twelve features a few new twists, the absence of Michael Kors and a whole new role for Tim Gunn.

'Girlfriend Intervention' 101
Girlfriend Intervention is a reality makeover series on Lifetime. Learn more about the show--including what makes it unique--meet the hosts and discover background info in this reality show profile.

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