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Are These Friends Ready for Reality TV?

Amazing Race Ride-Along – The Beginning


Are These Friends Ready for Reality TV?

Hilary and Jerome

Photo by Bonnie Covel
Meet Jerome McIlvain and Hilary Avalon. Hilary and Jerome, friends since 1990 when they met in a sign language class, hope to be chosen to compete on season 10 of The Amazing Race. And here at About.com's Reality TV site, we will tag along on this exciting ride, living vicariously through them as far as the process takes them.

Hilary is a Northern California Bed and Breakfast owner who has (shhhh, don't tell) never seen The Amazing Race. Her friends describe her as zany, loyal, and perfect for the Race. They say she never stops and doesn't know how to slow down. She lives with her husband and their six year old son.

Jerome is an avid Reality TV fan who loves games and races and knew he wanted to do the show the first time he watched it. He begged, pleaded, and bribed his friends to apply for the Race with him, but either the timing wasn't right, they only had a week to make the video and they lived in different parts of the country, or no one was brave enough to hang out with Jerome for the length of an entire race. Jerome's charming groveling skills finally paid off when he convinced his boss (yep, he works for Hilary at her Bed and Breakfast) into competing with him in The Amazing Race.

Despite Hilary having never watched The Amazing Race, Jerome feels confident that partnering with her is his best chance at winning. He calls her smart, upbeat, resourceful, and athletic, "not to mention a helluva lot of fun, which is the most important factor to me". Don't let the fact that she signs his paychecks make you question his opinions of her.

Hilary's husband, Gary, wonders if perhaps Jerome has pretended to be gay all these years so that he could spend time alone with Hilary during The Amazing Race. Hmmm…it's possible. Jerome is a pretty crafty guy. Now that Jerome and Hilary have decided to try out for the Race, the next step is to fill out an application and record a casting video. Join us on our amazing journey to follow Amazing Race hopefuls Hilary and Jerome on their application process. We'll stick with them as far as they go, and if it's not far, we'll dump them in favor of someone else.

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