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Christmas Holiday Reality TV Schedule 2012

Reality Marathons and Episodes to Watch Over the Long Weekend


The Real Housewives of Miami Cast

While many channels devote the entire Christmas week to replaying sappy holiday movies, a few are offering line-ups that should satisfy all but the hardest-core reality TV junkies.

Here's an hour-by-hour breakdown of the shows that will be airing over the 2012 Christmas holiday (Saturday, December 22 through Tuesday, December 26) along with descriptions of the episodes or marathons.

Happy Holidays.

All times Eastern unless otherwise specified.

Saturday, December 22, 2012:

  • 8:30-9:30 AM Real Housewives of Atlanta: A romantic couples retreat to Anguilla ends in full on fued between two Housewives. (Bravo)
  • 10-11 AM The Real Housewives Top 20 Reunion Moments: This special count downs the best reunion moments of the franchise. (Bravo)
  • 10AM-1PM Invasion of the Christmas Lights & More Crazy Christmas Lights: If you like to look at Christmas lights without leaving your house, tune into this look inside the world of extreme Christmas lighting. (TLC)
  • 11AM-1PM Shahs of Sunset: First a Asa and GG smack down in Second Season’s "The Persian Nose Business" episode. Then MJ and Reza have what could be friendship-ending fight.(Bravo)
  • 1-7PM Extreme Couponing & Extreme Cheapskates: Make your kids grateful for what they got for Christmas by having them watch these shows. They'll be eternally grateful you didn’t buy their presents with coupons--or give them the gift of road kill. (TLC)
  • 1-5PM Real Housewives of Atlanta: four back-to-back episodes lead up to the Anguilla trip and a repeat of the morning’s fuedisode. Catch the line-up out now or a half-a-dozen other times this weekend.(Bravo)
  • 2-6PM Beyond Scared Straight: Celebrate the third season premiere (12/20 10PM) with four hours of the series about “immersive jail” crime prevention programs.(A&E)
  • 5-8PM Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Three hours of Beverly Hills hjinks as Brandi reveals Adrienne’s darkest secret--and all hell breaks loose. (Bravo)
  • 6-9PM Storage Wars & Storage Wars: Texas: while you're watching these storage unit auctions, see if you can spot the alleged fraud and plastic surgery. (A&E)
  • 6-7PM Tiny Tonight! 2012: Year in Review: In this special, Tameka "Tiny" Harris and a few of her friends have an end-of-the-year pop culture round-up. (VH1)
  • 7-7:30PM T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: The kids keep adding to their Christmas-wish lists. (VH1)
  • 7:30-10PM Marrying The Game: After eight years with the rapper known as The Game, Tiffney is starting to think she may not want to marry him after all. (VH1)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

  • 7AM-12PM Top Chef: Catch up on the current (Seattle) season of Top Chef in this mini-marathon. (Bravo)
  • 12P-3PM Real Housewives of Miami: Three hours from Season Two covers the Miami wives' trip to the Bahamas island henceforth forever known as Total Drama Island. (Bravo)
  • 12--11PM Snapped & Snapped: Obsessed: Eleven hours of Oxygen’s addictive true crime series about women who kill. (Oxygen)
  • 3-5PM Shahs of Sunset: If you missed yesterday’s Shahs, Bravo repeats the same two episodes. (Bravo)
  • 5-10PM Real Housewives of Atlanta: Bravo continues its cheat, repeating the four Atlanta episodes they played yesterday. The good news is it frees you up to watch more Snapped. And come back at 9PM for a BRAND NEW episode, "Fools of Engagement."(Bravo)
  • 6-11PM Storage Wars: More storage unit auctions and more chances to look for alleged manipulation. (Plus did that girl just get a boob job?). (A&E)
  • 10-11PM (also 12-1AM or 2-3AM) Shahs of Sunset: Three opportunities to catch a new episode, the follow-up to the earlier episodes, here Reza and MJ see each other for the first time since their big blow-up. (Bravo)

Monday, December 24, 2012

  • 6AM-2PM Cake Boss: Pastry chef Buddy whips up cheeseburger and chandelier cakes plus amazing cakes for the Rockettes and a children’s hospital. (TLC)
  • 6AM-5PM Real Housewives of Orange County Eleven hours with the original housewives in the series that launched the franchise. These episodes lead up to the Season 7 finale, “Let Them Eat Cake,” where Heather’s party devolves into a melee. (Bravo)
  • 2PM-12AM Long Island Medium: This reality show follows medium Theresa at work and at home with her family. TLC’s ten hour marathon includes three special episodes: catching up with past clients, an audience Q&A and never before seen footage. (TLC)
  • 8PM-12AM Duck Dynasty: Coming late to the Duck party? Catch up on A&E’s most popular show in this mini-marathon. (Plus tune in tomorrow for more.) (A&E)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

  • 6AM-2PM America’s Next Top Model: Long for the pre-shake-up days of Top Model yore? Turn back the clock to Cycle 13 for eight hours with Bianca, Brittany and Courtney. (Plus Nigel and the Jays!). (Oxygen)
  • 12PM-12AM Undercover Boss This marathon follows CEOs as they go undercover in their own businesses from Johnny Rockets to MGM Grand. (TLC)
  • 2PM-2:30AM Bad Girls Club: This marathon ends with the two-part Season Seven reunion. (Oxygen)
  • 7:30-10:30AM Real Housewives of New Jersey: These three episodes of Season Three revolve around Christmas in New Jersey, which comes with the gift of fighting. (Bravo)
  • 1-3PM Shahs of Sunset: Another chance to watch MJ and Reza at each others throats. (Bravo)
  • 4-7PM Real Housewives of Atlanta: Sigh. The holiday’s third opportunity to watch the same episodes involving a trip to Anguilla. At least we know the folks at Bravo are on vacation. (Bravo)
  • 6PM-12AM Storage Wars: Shake up the marathon of storage unit auctions by making a game of it: take a drink every time Dave Hester says “Yup.” (A&E)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

  • 6AM-8PM Million Dollar Listing: A whole day of Josh Altman selling high-end real estate and finding the perfect home for wealthy clients. Episodes from seasons Four and Five. (Bravo)
  • 7-10PM Duck Dynasty: Continue catching up on the rags-to-riches story. (A&E )
  • 9-11PM Top Chef: Get through a repeat the aluminum foil challenge and you’ll be rewarded with a BRAND NEW Season 10 episode, where chefs have to harvest and serve oysters and cater for “one of the hottest sports teams in Seattle.” (Going out on a limb here, but, with a title like “Jalapeño Business,” I'm betting the cheftestants will be serving the local base jumping/skydiving team.) (Bravo)

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