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College Hill Cast Reflects On Their Reality TV Experience


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What is the worst part of the reality TV experience?
College Hill Cast Reflects On Their Reality TV Experience

Photo courtesy of BET.

The dramalicious fourth season of College Hill will end its run on BET as the number one series in the network's history. The reality show -- about a group of students living together in a fabulous house and attending college in the Virgin Islands for one semester -- featured some colorful personalities, newly-formed friendships, and intense moments worthy of Tivo rewind.

Via email, some of the College Hill cast members answered my questions about their reality TV experience. Here's what Krystal, JT, Vanessa, Andres, and Willie had to say when asked the same five questions.

1) What’s the worst part the reality TV experience?

Krystal’s response:
Seeing how the editor's form a storyline out of my life experiences and seeing how storylines seemed out of sync from the order which events actually happened.

JT’s response:
I would have to say the stress and the executive producer.

Vanessa’s response:
Getting into the fight, I should have been the bigger person and not stooped to her level.

Andres’s response:
The worst part of the reality TV experience is having millions of people think that they know you based on what you did on television.

Willie’s response:
The worst part of this experience was not having the house to myself so I can run around butt naked...I really enjoyed everything, I really miss the island, the view, the people, the beaches, and the BEACHES (wink wink)....

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