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Top Five Reasons a Family Might Get a Reality Deal – No Balloon Hoaxes Involved


Want to land a reality show deal for your family? We’ve learned from Colorado’s Heene family that bizarre media stunts are NOT the way to go. While the “balloon boy” drama was a creative attempt at getting a reality show, there are other, less-disturbing ways to get your family a reality TV deal. Here are the top five reasons a family might get a reality deal – balloon boy hoaxes not included.

1. There Are Lots of Kids In Your Household

Photo by TLC
Before their lives became tabloid fodder, the Gosselin family got a reality show because of the number of children in the family – eight to be exact. Viewers love to watch how two parents go about raising a litter of kids. Since the Gosselins (Jon and Kate Plus Eight), we’ve met the Duggar family (18 and Counting) and the Marsche family (Raising Sextuplets). The next large family we’ll see on reality TV: The Octomom and her fourteen children!

2. Daddy Is a Rock or Rap Star

Photo by Dave Hogan/ Getty Images
If you’re a former rocker or an aging rapper, your chances of getting a reality show for your family are significantly increased! Ozzy Osbourne was the first rock star dad to share his family with millions of viewers. And since the success of The Osbournes, many more famous fathers have followed Ozzy’s lead. The list of music stars turned reality TV dads now includes Gene Simmons and Snoop Dogg. Heck, even Coolio landed a reality show for his family.

3. You Are Simply Related to Somebody Famous

Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images
We just discussed families who get a reality show because dad is a music superstar. But there are also families who get a reality deal simply because there’s someone famous in the family – even if that person will be missing from the show. Take the Lohan family as an example. Lindsey Lohan’s mother, sister, and brother starred in the E! reality show Living Lohan, while Lindsey opted to stay clear of the reality TV cameras. On BET’s Frankie and Neffe, viewers watch the family members of singer Keyshia Cole, while Keyshia is out of the picture.

4. There’s a Health Issue That Makes Your Family Different

Photo by TLC
It’s always fascinating to watch families whose life circumstances make them different from the families next door. That’s why TLC has created reality shows for families like the Roloff family, which has two parents and one child who suffer from dwarfism. The network later gave a show to newlyweds Bill Klein and Jen Arnold, who are both under four feet tall. Now, the network is moving forward with a reality series about a morbidly obese family who are trying to get along in society.

5. You Run a Family Business

Photo by A&E
From the criminal-chasing Chapman family of Dog the Bounty Hunter, to the cake-decorating Valastro family of Cake Boss, families with interesting businesses make great reality TV. Networks know that it is entertaining to watch family members working together outside of the home environment.
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