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From 'Amazing Race' to 'X Factor': The Best Fall Reality Shows


As sad as it is to see the summer ending, Fall offers some great consolation prizes: the return of many favorite reality TV shows. Everything from Amazing Race to X Factor, Biggest Loser to The Voice and from Dancing With the Stars to Survivor returns for another season.

In addition to returning favorites, there are new shows premiering some of which will crash and burn, others which will quickly become your newest favorites. With so many shows vying for your attention how do you decide what to watch? Here's a guide to the best of the Fall line-up.

  1. Fall 2012 Schedule
  2. 'The Amazing Race'
  3. 'The Biggest Loser'
  1. 'Dancing With the Stars'
  2. 'Survivor'
  3. 'The Voice' vs. 'The X Factor'

Fall 2012 Schedule

All The Right Moves

When are your favorite shows airing? What new shows are starting now? Here's the of Fall schedule and list of premiering shows.

'The Amazing Race'

Amazing Race logo

For twenty-three years, the award-winning reality competition, The Amazing Race has sent teams of two racing around the world and facing challenges in an attempt to win the million dollar prize. Find out more about the show and the current season here.

'The Biggest Loser'

Biggest Loser Logo

Since 2004, contestants who want to lose 100 pounds or more have gone on ABC's reality competition The Biggest Loser where they compete in challenges and lose weight for the chance to win $250,000 and the hope of keeping the weight off after returning to their normal routines.

'Dancing With the Stars'

Dancing With the Stars logo

For the fifteenth season Dancing With the Stars rolls out an All Stars season, featuring returning contestants from previous seasons. Unlike other shows, DWTS has pulled in many past winners and runners-up, making this a truly 'best of' season.


Picture of the cast of Survivor Philippines

The mother of all reality competitions, Survivor is still going strong 25 seasons after it first launched. Learn more about the show and the current season, Survivor: Philippines.

'The Voice' vs. 'The X Factor'

The Voice logo

Which is the better music competition: The Voice or The X Factor? Well, it's fair to say you don't mess with success--The Voice returns for a third season unchanged while Fox's American Idol and X Factor have undergone significant changes and the replacement of judges and (in the case of the X Factor) a host. Now the newly revised X Factor will try to topple The Voice as ruling singing competition.

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