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Who Has What It Takes to Be the 'Dancing With the Stars' Winner?

'Dancing With the Stars' winner will be Mya, Donny Osmond, or Kelly Osbourne


Celebrities Mya, Donny Osmond, and Kelly Osbourne have danced their way into our hearts! But who should be the Dancing With the Stars winner? Let's weigh in on each celeb's strengths and weaknesses before Mya, Donny, or Kelly is crowned the newest Dancing With the Stars winner.

1. Mya

Day job: R&B singer and actress.

Strength: Mya is the most skilled dancer left in the competition. In fact, she is such a good performer, it’s often hard to tell who the professional dancer is when she performs with Dmitri Chaplin. Mya’s execution is often flawless as she wows the audience week after week.

Weakness: Mya’s tendency to be a perfectionist makes her less relatable to some viewers. She is so focused on winning, her personality doesn’t always shine through.

Partner Factor: Mya’s partner Dmitri seems to lack confidence as a creative choreographer. But while he’s no Derek Hough or Mark Ballas, his routines do show off Mya’s strengths.

2. Kelly Osbourne

Day job: Former reality star

Strength: Even though Ozzy Osbourne’s potty-mouthed princess wasn’t expected to last long on the show, Kelly surprised viewers who had already judged her based on her bratty behavior on her family’s reality show. Now Kelly has transformed into a graceful lady who viewers love to cheer for.

Weakness: Kelly’s performances exceed expectations, but her moves aren’t executed as well as the judges would like.

Partner Factor: Kelly seems to have a wonderful bond with her partner Louis Van Emstel. Louis dotes on her, and it seems their friendship will continue long after Dancing With the Stars. The positive energy is a plus for this underdog team.

3. Donny Osmond

Day job: Former pop star, Las Vegas entertainer

Strength: Donny has a huge fan base that has been rooting for him since he was a young entertainer in the seventies. But the former heartthrob didn’t rely on his fans alone during the competition. He worked hard every week, and his dedication didn’t go unnoticed.

Weakness: Donny tends to be hard on himself, and it’s hard for him to hide his frustration when he makes a mistake. As he enters the finale, it would be nice for viewers to see Donnie relaxing and enjoying the experience.

Partner Factor: Donny’s partner Kym Johnson hasn’t won the disco ball trophy since she started on the show, so her hunger to win might be just as strong as Donny's. Will this be her time to shine?

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