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Reality TV Show Starting Over

What's going on in the Starting Over house this week? This guide to daytime reality show Starting Over includes spoilers for the hit television series, bios for life coaches Iyanla Vanzant, Dr. Stan Katz, and Rhonda Britten, and more.
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Meet the Ladies of Starting Over
Learn more about Allison, Christina, Jessica, Jill, Lisa, and TJ of the daytime reality series Starting Over.

"Starting Over" Starts Over
Learn about the new season of the daytime reality show "Starting Over."

Denise Dishes -- Starting Over Graduate Talks About Life After The Show
Find out what Denise has to say about life after her graduation from Starting Over. Does she regret anything she said or did?

Starting Over Episode Guide
Scoops, summaries, and spoilers for the upcoming episodes of daytime reality TV series Starting Over.

Biography of Public Speaker and Starting Over Coach Iyanla Vanzant
Read about popular public speaker and Starting Over TV coach Iyanla Vanzant.

Biography of Starting Over Coach Rhonda Britten
Read about respected life strategist and Starting Over star Rhonda Britten.

Biography of Starting Over Consulting Psychologist Dr. Stan J. Katz
Find out more about Dr. Stan J. Katz , the consulting psychologist on the hit reality TV show Starting Over.

North Carolina Amnesiac Bethany Graduates from Starting Over
Bethany, a 21 year old real-life amnesiac who entered the STARTING OVER house with no recollection of her childhood or adolescence, has graduated in triumph from the acclaimed real-life daytime television drama.

Starting Over Welcomes Breast Cancer Survivor Allison
Allison (38, from Charlotte, NC) is a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed with the disease one year ago. Following a mastectomy, she arrived to the STARTING OVER house two weeks after finishing a course of chemotherapy.

Cassie Graduates From Starting Over
Cassie, the sweet, shy Alabama native who won the hearts of her housemates with her story of poverty, abuse, and alcoholism has graduated in triumph from Starting Over.

Starting Over Coming Renewed for Another Season
America's favorite daytime reality show is coming back for its third season. Read the press release to find out more.

Starting Over Tour: Reality TV Show Rolls Across America
STARTING OVER, the original real-life daytime television drama, is going on the road to bring the show’s positive messages to more than a dozen cities all over the U.S.

Starting Over Tour Dates
Do you want to meet the Starting Over Life Coaches in person? Find out if they are coming to your city.

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