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Hell's Kitchen on Fox


Hell's Kitchen on Fox

Reality Show:

Hell's Kitchen



When to Watch:

Tuesday nights at 8 pm EST. (Summer, 2009)

Show Premise:

A group of contestants compete to become America's next culinary superstar. The wannabe chefs work together in a restaurant setting. To stay in the competition, they must impress acid-tongued head chef Gordon Ramsay. Each week, one contestant is eliminated until only one remains. The winner gets the opportunity to become head chef of a new restaurant.

More About Head Chef Gordon Ramsay:

Head chef Gordon Ramsay is one of England's biggest celebrity chefs. He also stars in the series Kitchen Nightmares.

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Past Winners:

  • Michael Wray (Season One)
  • Heather West (Season Two)
  • Rock Harper (Season Three)
  • Christina Machamer (Season Four)

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