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'Survivor Philippines' Contestants

Meet the Castaways of 'Survivor' 25


The 25th season of the venerable CBS reality show, Survivor, premieres September 19, 2012. Survivor Philippines was filmed on the Caramoan Islands and features three returning contestants and--for the first time in eight years--there will be three tribes instead of two.

Meet both the new and returning castaways of Survivor Philippines (and find out their chances of winning) in this image gallery:

Images 1-12 of 18
Abi Maria of Survivor: PhilippinesAbi-Maria Gomes of 'Survivor Philippines'Artis Silvester of Survivor: PhilippinesArtis Silvester of 'Survivor Philippines'Angie Layton of 'Survivor Philippines'Angie Layton of 'Survivor Philippines'Dana Lambert of Survivor PhillipinesDana Lambert of 'Survivor Philippines'
Denise Stapley of Survivor PhilippinesDenise Stapley of 'Survivor Philippines'Carter Williams of Survivor: PhilippinesCarter Williams of 'Survivor Philippines'Jeff Kent of Survivor: PhilippinesJeff Kent of 'Survivor Philippines'Katie Hanson of Survivor: PhilippinesKatie Hanson of 'Survivor Philippines'
Mike Skupin of Survivor: PhilippinesMike Skupin of 'Survivor Philippines'Lisa WhelchelLisa Whelchel of 'Survivor Philippines'Malcolm Freberg of Survivor: PhilippinesMalcolm Freberg of 'Survivor Philippines'R.C. Saint-Amour of Survivor: PhilippinesR.C. Saint-Amour of 'Survivor Philippines'
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