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'Survivor: Caramoan' Contestants

Meet the Fans and Favorites of Season 26


Survivor returns for a 26th Season with Survivor: Caramoan, which follows the Fans vs Favorites format, pitting new contestants against returning players from previous seasons.

The Fans will be part of the "Gota" tribe going up against the "Bikal" tribe of Favorites.

Meet the Cast of Survivor: Caramoan:

1. Andrea Boehlke

Andrea Boehlke of Survivor: Caramoan

Favorite Andrea Boehlke first competed on Season 22, Survivor: Redemption Island, where she was the 13th castaway voted off the island. Now 23-years-old, Boehlke lives in New York City and works as an Entertainment Host and Writer.

2. Brandon Hantz

Brandon Hantz of Suvivor: Caramoan

Favorite Brandon Hantz originally appeared on Survivor: South Pacific, where he was the 15th castaway voted out. Now 21-years-old, Hantz lives in Katy, Texas where he works in chemical disposal.

3. Brenda Lowe

Brenda Lowe of Survivor Caramoan

Brenda Lowe is a Favorite, returning from Survivor: Nicaragua where she was the 11th castaway voted out. Now 30-years-old, Lowe currently lives in Miami, Florida, where she owns a paddleboard company.

4. Corinne Kaplan

Corinne Kaplan of Survivor Caramoan

Favorite Corinne Kaplan first appeared on Survivor: Gabon where she was the 12th castaway voted off the island. Now 33-years-old, Kaplan lives in Los Angeles where she is a Clinical Consultant.

5. Dawn Meehan

Dawn Meehan of Survivor Caramoan

Dawn Meehan is a Favorite, who returns from Survivor: South Pacific, where she competed with Brandon Hantz and was the 11th castaway eliminated. Now Meehan is a 42-year-old English Professor in South Jordan, Utah.

6. Erik Reichenbach

Erik Reichenbach of Survivor Caramoan

Favorite Erik Reichenbach was originally on Survivor: Micronesia where he was the 13th castaway voted off. Now the 27-year-old is a comic book artist in Santa Clarita, California.

7. Francesca Hogi

Francesca Hogi of Survivor: Caramoan

Francesca Hogi is a Favorite who originally appeared on Survivor: Redemption Island where she was the 1st castaway eliminated. Now 38-years-old, the attorney lives in Brooklyn, New York.

8. John Cochran

John Cochran of Survivor Caramoan

Like Brandon and Dawn, John Cochran originally starred on Survivor: South Pacific, where he was the 13th castaway voted out. Now 25-years-old, Cochran is a Harvard Law Student living in Washington, D.C..

9. Malcolm Freberg

Malcolm Freberg of Survivor Caramoan

Favorite Malcolm Freberg was on last season's Survivor: Philippines, where he was the 15th castaway eliminated. Now 25-years-old, Freberg is a bartender in Hermosa Beach, California.

10. Phillip Sheppard

Phillip Sheppard of Survivor Caramoan

Like Andrea and Francesca, Phillip Sheppard previously appeared on Survivor: Redemption Island, where he made it all the way to the final three. Now 54-years-old, Sheppard is CEO of Enter Software Sales and lives in Santa Monica, California.

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