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'Survivor: Samoa' Contestants

Meet the 'Survivor: Samoa' Contestants


The Survivor: Samoa contestants are: David Ball, Betsy Bolan, Mike Borassi, Ben Browning, Marisa Calihan, Erik Cardona, Brett Clouser, John Fincher, Yasmin Giles, Russell Hantz, Elizabeth Kin, Laura Morett, Monica Padilla, Jason Robinson, Kelly Sharbaugh, Russel Swan, Ashley Trainer, Mick Trimming, Shannon Waters, and Natalie White. Learn about each Survivor: Samoa contestant in this photo gallery.
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Russell Swan of 'Survivor: Samoa'Betsy Bolan of 'Survivor: Samoa'Mike Borassi of 'Survivor: Samoa'Ben Browning of 'Survivor: Samoa'
Marisa Calihan of 'Survivor: Samoa'Erik Cardona of 'Survivor: Samoa'Brett Clouser of 'Survivor: Samoa'John Fincher of 'Survivor: Samoa'
Yasmin Giles of 'Survivor: Samoa'Russell Hantz of 'Survivor: Samoa'Elizabeth Kim of 'Survivor: Samoa'Laura Morett of 'Survivor: Samoa'
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