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Famous Professionals Who Don't Have College Degrees


If these famous professionals were competing on "The Apprentice 3: Street Smarts vs. Book Smarts," they would be on the Street Smart team. Believe it or not, these successful men and women do not have college degrees.

  • ABC anchorman Peter Jennings. (He dropped out of high school!)
  • Director Steven Spielberg
  • Nobel-prize winning novelist William Faulkner
  • Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates
  • Poet Maya Angelou
  • Dell Computers founder Michael Dell
  • Novelist Jane Austen
  • PBS's Nina Totenberg,
  • Former anchorman Walter Cronkite
  • Media mogul Ted Turner
  • Director Quentin Tarentino
  • Director Woody Allen
  • Anthropologist Richard Leakey
  • Atsronaut turned senator John Glenn
  • McDonald's founder Ray Kroc
  • Inventor Alexander Graham Bell
  • Inventor Thomas Edison
  • Blockbuster Video founder and Miami Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga
  • NBC mogul David Sarnoff
  • Author Ernest Hemingway
  • Architect Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Roots author Alex Haley
  • Apple cofounder Steve Jobs
  • Airplane inventors the Wright brothers.

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