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Jake Pavelka Interview: Quotes from ABC Press Call (December 16, 2009)


Jake Pavelka Interview: Quotes from ABC Press Call (December 16, 2009)

Jake on his reaction when he was chosen for 'The Bachelor':

"I did a back flip on my front lawn...It was amazing. I think I was so excited...I was just really flattered and humbled to be considered and then - and it actually happened. I actually still can't believe that all of this happened."

Jake on his ideal woman:

"I was looking for someone that is adventurous and intelligent...athletic, compassionate, romantic...When you bundle all that together that's - that's kind of what makes a [heart of gold]."

Jake on the 25 women he met on the show:

"All 25 women were absolutely amazing. Very high caliber, I mean, from all walks of life. Just incredible journeys, you know."

Jake's three words to describe himself:

"Adventurous. I can [also] be a little unpredictable and tenacious".

Jake on whether or not he has skeletons in his closet:

"You know what, I don't - I don't feel like I have anything to hide. You know, I don't have a girlfriend. Coincidently, I'm not married and don't have eight mistresses. Pardon me, Tiger Woods. I mean that is like cheating and real shady activity...I think everybody has got skeletons in their closet. I mean it's just impossible to live life you know in the 21st century and not have some sort of skeleton in your closet, but I don't have any if I [had to] think of anything that I thought would shock everybody."

Jake on how being a people pleaser affected his experience::

"Amazingly enough, that was something I was concerned about...You know, the way I avoided that was just staying really focused on trying to find that one special girl you know amongst the 25 women. And I can honestly tell you, there were many women on there that were so close to being everything that I have ever wanted and I felt like vice versa on their part."

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