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The Bachelor 101

A profile of the hit reality show.


The Bachelor 101

Photo from the Bachelor: Paris


Name of Show:

The Bachelor



First Aired:

March, 2002

Hosted By:

Chris Harrison

What It’s About:

25 beautiful women compete to win the heart of one lucky Bachelor.

How Each Season Unfolds:

Each week, the women go on “group dates” or, if they’re lucky, “alone dates” with the Bachelor. The alone dates usually result in lots of smooching and “deep” talk about love and marriage. At the end of each episode, the Bachelor must let go of at least one woman. She is usually devastated as she leaves in a waiting limo. Don’t be surprised if she says “I thought we had a connection.” At the end of the season, the Bachelor must choose between the two women who made it all the way to the end. He usually proposes.

Why You Should Watch:

Imagine 25 desperate women living together and competing for the same man. Enough said!

Why You Shouldn’t Watch:

Sadly, none of the Bachelor romances have resulted in marriage. The bachelor and his fiancé usually break up within a year.

The Bachelors:

  • Alex Michelle (Season 1)
  • Aaron Buerge (Season 2)
  • Andrew Firestone (Season 3)
  • Bob Guiney (Season 4)
  • Jesse Palmer (Season 5)
  • Byron Velvick (Season 6)
  • Charlie O'Connell (Season 7)
  • Travis Stork (Season 8)
  • Lorenzo Borghese (Season 9)
  • Andy Baldwin (Season 10)
  • Brad Womack (Season 11)
  • Matt Grant (Season 12)
  • Jason Mesnick (Season 13)
  • Jake Pavelka (Season 14)

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