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Ahmed vs. Ishe: The Feud Is Still On (2)

Ahmed Kaddour’s Account of How His Feud With Ishe Smith Got Started


Ahmed Kaddour Fights Ishe Smith

Ahmed Kaddour Fights Ishe Smith



In His Own Words:

“There were tryouts for the show. I was in Santa Monica and he complain because I was wearing very beautiful clothes. I was walking to the hotel where all the fighters was and he walks right out. He looks at me and he says “Maan, why you always gotta wear some nice clothes? Why this, and why that? And I look at him and I was like Motherf**ker, why you have to make fun of my clothes? It’s not your business how I look…

I was wearing a suit every day. Different pants. Nice jackets. He was dressing kind of ghetto. And every day he was there, he was just sitting at a table with all the Black folks. When I walk in there, everybody was just sitting to the side. Everybody look at each other very mean. All the Blacks sitting together, all the Mexicans sitting together, all the White guys sitting together. There was like groups at the hotel.

I was like whatever. I was like I don’t give a f*ck. I went down there with the way I look, to get my food to eat. And he just looked at me and all the guys started talking sh*t, but he was the main guy. He started talking about I never fought nobody. ‘You’re from Europe. European men don’t know sh*t. They can’t fight.’ He was trying to show off and try to prove to other guys like ‘Look, I’m the sh*t here.’ He really thought he was the sh*t but I showed him who was the sh*t when he come to me alone with no Black people anymore -- when he was standing there by himself during the show. Maan, he was a p**sy. I’ve never seen anybody who was more of a p**sy than him." Read Ahmed's thoughts on Ishe winning their big fight.

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