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Top 3 Shows About Cleaning Your Home


Is it time to declutter your home? Watch these shows for some ideas.

1. Clean House

From The Style Network: "Are you drowning in disarray? Still clinging to that scary ceramic clown display in your living room? You're not alone! Every Wed. at 9 p.m., Style Network's Clean House is helping families beset by decorating disasters straighten up their spaces."

2. Clean Sweep

From TLC: "In every episode, our team of ruthless, yet talented, experts will help homeowners dramatically transform two areas in their house from disaster areas to functional, stylishly organized living spaces."

3. Mission Organization

From HGTV: "Mission: Organization brings order to chaos by redesigning living spaces one room at a time. Learn how you can organize your home and resolve your clutter problem from kitchen catastrophes to bedroom bedlam."

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