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Top 3 Reality Shows About Weddings


When I was planning my wedding in 2004, these reality TV shows were what I considered must-see TV. If you're planning your big day, you'll get plenty of ideas for everything from dresses to food. If you're not planning a wedding, these shows are fun to watch anyway.

1. A Wedding Story

Watch couples plan their weddings on this oh-so-romantic reality show. There are no twists, no cash prizes, and no drama. Just sweet love stories that may bring a tear to your eye. "A Wedding Story" airs every weekday on TLC. Check your local listings for times.

2. For Better Or For Worse

Couples allow their family, friends, and a wedding planner they never met to plan every detail of their big day. (The bride doesn't even get to choose her dress.) If that wasn't enough stress for everyone involved, weddings must be planned in one week -- on a $5,000 budget!

3. Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

"Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" follows stressed-out wedding planners as they try to pull off picture-perfect weddings for their clients. You'll have new respect for the profession after watching this show.

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