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A Family of Competitive Figure Skaters

Share Your Story: My Life Should Be A Reality Show!

By Jo Ann Schneider Farris

The perfect network for my show would be...

TLC...of course!

So, my life should be a reality show because...

...I am convinced that the life of a figure skating family has to be of interest to reality televisions viewers.

Not only was I a competitive skater and a coach, but now my three children are competitive figure skaters. They train at a major figure skating training center.

Instead of getting dressed for school each morning, my kids get dressed to go to a cold ice rink. There, they train for several hours a day. They are homeschooled, but not because they skate, but because I am a strong believer in homeschooling. Everything in our life revolves around figure skating.

My reality show costars would be...

Me, my husband, and my children would be the stars of the show, of course! Our costars would be other skaters and families at the rink. Most figure skaters are not really friends with other skaters, but there still is a mutual fondness and admiration that could be featured. The children have several coaches, who would all be featured in the show.

Lessons Learned

  • There is so much to learn about the figure skating world! I believe a reality show on the sport could teach reality television show viewers much about the sport. Viewers could learn about the different branches of skating, about the hours, money, and dedication figure skating requires, and about the good things that figure skating can bring into an individual's life. My motto is "Happy Skating!" I believe that a show like the one I have in mind would be a way for figure skating to make those who don't know much about it happy!
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