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Readers Respond: The Reality Show You Want to Be On

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From the article: Reality TV Casting Calls
Have you ever dreamed of being on reality TV? Did you even work up the courage to apply to a particular show? Even if you have no reality TV aspirations, is there a certain show that you think you might be perfect for? Tell us which reality show is calling your name and why!

Sixteen and Pregnant

My daughter is pregnant and she is sixteen. She needs to get a reality check. She needs to see her life flash right in front of her by getting taped and watching it to see how it really reflects on her life.
—Guest sixteen and pregnant

The Blended Family

Ok, so my husband and I have four kids from two previous marriages together. He is a personal trainer by day and fork lift driver by night, not home much. I am a stay at home mom. Our 3 year old is a bit of a behavior problem, money is tight, our house is insane. Our 2-year-old is starting to take after his older brother, my 7-year-old is the oldest and only girl, his 5-year-old is quiet and shy. Its crazy. I sometimes feel as if i am losing my mind and he shuts down. Could be a cool show.
—Guest jamie

A Life Of A Teen Mom

I'm a mother of 4 kids and it's really hard for me, as i had my first child at 15 and i didn't finish high school... so it's really hard on me and my family as a teen mom. So I think it would be nice to do my own show as a teen mom.
—Guest Kathy Ebanks Pollard

Italian Family Show

I come a big Italian family. My family and I have always joked around about our family having our own show. We are so funny! There would be 12 of us! We really think we would be a hit tv show: drama, comedy etc. Thank you for reading!
—Guest TypicalItaliansxo

Amazing Race or Survivor

I love a challange. I'm MR G and its awesome when you are challenging others. I've always been fit - and trained in the arts - I can do what ever I set my mind to. I like getting over excited on events and making myself known that I can do it just as good if not better than anyone else. It's the mind that is strong - as long as you know its also about having fun. Thats the secret to going the extra mile.
—Guest MR G

A Show About My Family

Okay, I have 5 brothers 6 sisters and 1 nephew. My family is crazy! Hahahaha. I think we need a reality show that just shows how hard it is to live with that many people in a two bed room house, and I also believe that both of my parents are hoarders! If that's how you spell it. And I think the world just needs to see this. Its different than other large family TV shows because well obviously because we are stuck in a two bed room house. Hahahaha. -we need help!
—Guest m.Lindon

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is an inspiration to all of us. My girlfriend has been such a huge fan and found great success with Tony's program. She has put it all together and well, lucky me, she has chosen me to be her future husband. Well, here's my situation, I was born with Cerebal Palsy, and thus a variety of other disabilities that come along with it, including not being able to walk. Every day is a day to overcome the challenge of a disability. I do my best to keep a good attitude about me. I know she counts on me to be the best I can be. I struggle with figuring out how to do this...all the time. It is a real challenge. We plan to marry, but what if she gets tired of me? If I could learn how to overcome my fears, I know I could give her the life she deserves. Thanks Tony Robbins for such an inspiring show, I plan to watch every episode to see if I can learn what I need to do to succeed.
—Guest crazyhorse

The Real World or Big Brother

These two shows are definitely my favorite. I'd LOVE to be on The Real World because I'd like to explore different parts of the world and meet new people. I think it would be interesting to see which types of people I would get along with as well. I'd also like to be on Big Brother since I am in fact very competitive and it seems like an exciting experience all-around. Of course, it would also be a dream come true to win all that money! I think I'd add a nice touch to those two shows because I come from an interesting past, and I am extremely different from others. Maybe when I reach the appropriate age to apply for these two shows, I will!
—Guest Mike

Millionaire or Star For A Day

I would like to be on a reality show where I would get to experience the life of a Millionaire or Star/Celebrity for a day. Athletes and many celebrity with no formal education or true talent make tons of money while those of us with advanced college degrees, especially in the Healthcare professions who save lives or educate other professionals make just enough to get by on. I just would like to experience their world for a day because people like me can only dream of this lifestyle which is so out of reach and yet these people take this Blessing and opportunity for granted.
—Guest Licia

The Bank of Hollywood

I would love to be on The Bank of Hollywood. The judges seem to take your appeals and needs into deep consideration. I am a stay at home mom of three beautiful boys and have been married to my husband for 7 years. But for three of those years my three boys have had to move from one house to another. We have not had a place of our own for three years. I separated from the military in 2007 to help my father in law who passed away of cancer in April 0f 2008. Three weeks later, my mother in law put us out in the cold and we have been trying to save for a place of our own ever since. We currently live with my husband's boss and still have nothing to our name. I would ask the bank for $250,000 to purchase a home and reliable car for my family, and to pay off all of our debts that we owe.

Bank of Hollywood

The show I like to be on is Bank of Hollywood, mainly because I have nothing to loose only to gain happiness that I never had and that would be a dream come true if I would get that assistance. I need to make that happen.
—Guest C. W.

My Own Reality TV Show

I would love to have a reality tv show about me. :) I always try to think of fun random things to do to keep my life interesting haha this being one of them I suppose. All reality shows are crazy drama!! if I had a show, it would be about loving yourself and life and having a great time! I figure I'm only 20 once so I better make the best of it, cause when I'm old, well there's no going back. I live life with no regrets and definetaly am making the best of it.
—Guest Ashley


Anything. It does not really matter but I love shows like the Real World.
—Guest allie

Bank Of Hollywood

TodayI watched the show Bank of Hollywood for the very first time. I think that by far this is the most creative and exciting show that has came out since American Idol. I couldn't believe some of the stories that some of the guest came on the show asking money for. One of them that bothered me was the man that was asking money for his tree house. He needed some leaks fixed and wanted a spa put in. I thought to myself, sell the stuff inside to fix the leaks and damage to tree house. Here I am a single mother a four beautiful children, living with my parents. I have one room to share with my kids. I just recently graduated from Pharmacy Technician School and have just been cleared from the Department of Justice and now have my Pharmacy Tech lisence. I would love to get the chance to tell my story. I do not want a whole lot of money. I need a good running car, help with childcare so I can get a job. Be able to get back and fourth to work and not worrying about childcare until I'm stable

My Fair Wedding

I live in beautiful Orange County, California,but it would mean so much to my and my groom if David Tutara can make my dream wedding come true. He asked my to marry him after watching an episode of the disney weddings david does...thanks a bunch!!!!!
—Guest mireya lemus

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