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Readers Respond: The Most Ridiculous, Offensive, or Just Plain Stupid Reality Shows

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We've been discussing the most ridiculous, offensive, or just plain stupid reality shows of the decade. Let's keep it going. What are your picks for the worst reality shows ever made? Share your thoughts!

Harry Loves Lisa

My choice of worst reality show is Harry Loves Lisa. All the show does is promote a has-been actor & and his selfish ego, vain stupid wife. I for one will never watch the show & hope it will be taken off.
—Guest elizabeth brown

Jersey Shore

How on earth did these completley stupid "adults" get their own show? I sure wonder what the cameramen think about those idiots...
—Guest Asmartperson

Anything on MTV /VH1

MTV shows and VH1 shows are the worst...nothing to do with music anymore,they should change the name of their stations.....nothing to do with reality...we all know what reality is ...it's our life that's reality....the only one that is real .....Intervention.....

The Hills, All "Housewives" etc.

Really? Is this a great lesson to teach young girls? If you become even more plastic than Barbie or be a spoiled snob, you will be happy or rich? Get rid of this stuff, this is one of the reasons some countries don't take us seriously.
—Guest Christian

The Worst of the Worst

Worst shows are Jon and Kate, any Bachelor or get married show, everything on TLC about weddings or babies, Survivor (how is this show still on?), American Idol. The worst how ever is Toddlers and Tiaras. Pedophilia anyone?
—Guest shocker zooler

Reality shows.

I would add "The Bachelor," which is really degrading to the women lined up hoping to be the one picked and to all women. All reality shows are just trash and I would not waste my time watching any one of them.

Flavor of Love

FLAVOR FLAV is the worst show in the history of mankind.
—Guest me

Reality shows

All of them are stupid. Do the producers think all viewers want to watch other people's lives. Bring back MOVIES.
—Guest psychadon

Jersyliciuos, all the Real Houswives,etc

There are so many stupid reality shows, all of the Real Houswives, Houshusbands and the Platinum Weddings, Platinum Babies. Rich Bride, Poor Bride, Say Yes to the Dress. Come on how come they don't have any good shows you can watch with your family anymore? There are a few reality shows I do like is the Biggest Loser, Top Chef and Ruby isn't too bad. The rest can all go.
—Guest Jen127

Offensive Shows

All reality shows are a waste of viewer time. Especially Kardashians, all Housewife shows and any dating shows.
—Guest jean baptist

Todlers and Tiaras is the absolute worst

I can't believe parents who exploit their children that way. It is absolutely unheard of. I only saw the commercials and was appalled by the way these parents treat their children/babies. This show should be taken off the air. Bad karma.

Kid Nation!

How has no one mentioned this show yet? Sure, there have been a lot of bad, exploitative reality shows out there, but at least most them involved consenting adults. Kid Nation took everything that's wrong with the worst reality television and then inflicted it on innocent children.

Frank the Entertainer: A Basement Affair

Really? A show based on a grown man living in a basement. SMH VH1. I refuse to believe that any of those women take him seriously. I'm just dissapointed in those women who are ok with the idea of competing for a lazy bum that they'll have to support completely.
—Guest Henrii

A Couple of Bad, Bad Shows

I remember this past decade, as the decade of the emergence of Reality Shows. I can't believe just how many were invented and how many failed! Several of the shows, ironically were from the Fox Network. What does that say about Fox? Desperate or something? lol. Okay, the worst shows for me anyway, were: "The Swan." Yes Fox again! What were they thinking? Taking a plain Jane and w/ several surgeries -- plastic surgery, that is. They would try to make a plain Jane into a gorgeous woman! Then they'd take all of the contestants (approx. 10) and put on a beauty contest! You've got to be kidding, right? Nope! They really did it and the show failed! Next is "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?" Again by Fox. lol... I think this show speaks for itself as far as who, what, where, why, how. Remember Darva Conger? Enough said. That was a short list but the two shows that just made my stomach churn and not in a good way, I must add!

Jersey Shore

That show should be taken off the air..Just awful.
—Guest sohoaccessories

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